The 7 Best Podcasts for Investors

Podcasts to make you smarter with your money.

If you aren’t listening to investment podcasts, you’re missing out. Listening to the best investment podcasts is like sitting on the couch with the top investment minds in the country. From legacy index investor Paul Merriman’s “Sound Investing” to “Chat With Traders,” there is an investing podcast for everyone. Here are several of the most recommended podcasts for investors.

“Animal Spirits”

Peter Huminski, founder and president of Thorium Wealth Management in Kernersville, North Carolina and Benjamin Brandt, founder and president of Capital City Wealth Management in Bismarck, North Dakota both recommend “Animal Spirits.” The weekly podcast features Michael Batnick, director of research and Ben Carlson, director of institutional asset management at New York-based Ritholtz Asset Management. “Michael and Ben take a humorous look at the markets and simplify complicated topics. They also have interesting recommendations for reading or listening at the end of every episode,” says Huminski. Brandt says he enjoys the banter between the two and discussions of the latest investing headlines from cryptocurrencies, pot stocks to index funds.

“Chat With Traders”

Huminski also recommends “Chat with Traders,” which features a range of experts from many investment arenas, ranging from real estate, stocks, bonds to crypto assets. “Chat with Traders” is for the active investor and delves into the minds of the top traders in the field with tips and pointers to hone your trading skills. “The show also goes into great depth about what these experts are seeing in their areas of specialty. This is not a beginner’s investing podcast, but they tackle many interesting topics,” Huminski says.

“Bloomberg Surveillance”

Bloomberg Surveillance is for investors with their finger on the pulse of the markets, says Jason R. Escamilla, CEO at ImpactAdvisor in San Francisco. The recent market correction was the topic of the day in the episode, “Too Late to Sell, Too Early to Buy, Trennert says.” This episode, like others, is jam-packed with insights into today’s markets, covering technology, favored sectors, active management, global markets and President Donald Trump’s immigration plans. Escamilla says, “The show’s a perfect combination of the most knowledgeable guests in the industry and smart questions around the day’s most interesting issues.” The show airs on Bloomberg Radio at 7 a.m. EST, and the podcast can be found on iTunes.

“Sound Investing” with Paul Merriman

You can’t go wrong with investment advice from Paul Merriman. This weekly podcast began as a radio show around 17 years ago. Merriman’s podcast includes market analysis, interviews and investment guidance. In the episode “Passive vs. Active: Paul Merriman vs. Ken Fisher,” Merriman goes up against the star-marketing investment firm with well-researched analysis. Merriman unpacks and disputes Fisher’s investing claims. Other popular shows include “2 Funds for Life” and “The Three Greatest Investment Products — Part I.” If you can’t get enough of Paul Merriman, you can read his MarketWatch column.

“Motley Fool Money”

“Motley Fool Money” airs on the radio and covers top business and investing stories along with stocks and interviews. In an episode about investor behavior and the business of popularity, columnist Morgan Housel talks about how your behavior might be more important to your investment success than your expertise. He points out that investing is one of the few arenas where amateurs can outperform professionals. “You don’t need a lot of book intelligence if you master your emotions,” says Housel on one of the show’s episodes.

“Investing Insights From”

The Morningstar podcast offers stock, fund and ETF picks along with weekly market insights, investing tips and interviews. In an October episode, Morningstar’s Christine Benz interviews Jack Bogle, retired CEO and founder of The Vanguard Group. You can listen to his wisdom as he discusses investing, markets, index funds and more. For stock investors, “Ford vs. GM, a Blueprint for a Million Dollar 401(k), and More,” shares insights into these two vastly different blue-chip stocks while “Fund Upgrades and Downgrades, AT&T vs Verizon Dividends, REITs, and More” gives you expert insight into two telecom giants.

“Your Money Briefing”

If you’re looking for a podcast to propel you ahead of the investing curve, this daily briefing from the Wall Street Journal is a good place to start. These podcasts are fairly short, typically 10 minutes in length, and provide a taste of market news and topics of the day. The November episode, “Apple Pressures the Markets; Midterms on Deck” includes comments from WSJ markets reporter Jessica Menton and discusses Apple (ticker: AAPL) and other upcoming earnings reports, as one example. Recent shows have covered oil, stock pullbacks and volatility.

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