How to sound great during your interview on WTOP

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We are looking forward to your interview on WTOP, and are excited to help you sound your best on air.

Phone interviews — both landline and cell —  yield inferior sound quality when played back on the air.

The WTOP app, for iOS and Android, allows your smartphone or tablet to record your voice in crystal-clear quality and automatically transmit it to us, so your message will be heard loud and clear.

What you’ll need:

  •  An Apple or Android mobile device with the WTOP app for iOS or Android, which allows you to record your side of the conversation and automatically send it to us.
  •  A landline or second cellphone,  through which you hear and answer the reporter’s questions.

How to use the WTOP app:

  1. Download the WTOP app for iOS or Android on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Launch the WTOP app.
  3. Press the More icon, in the upper right corner.
  4. Press Submit to WTOP.
  5. Select the microphone icon.
  6. Press Take Audio from Camera.
  7. Press red button to start recording.
  8. Hold phone 8 inches from your mouth while speaking.
  9. When done recording, press white triangle to hear how you sounded. You can Retake, or when satisfied, choose Use Audio.
  10. Type your name when prompted to Write Your Text Here.
  11. When happy with what you’ve recorded and typed, hit OK.
  12. Press Send, and your recording is emailed to the newsroom.

Conducting the interview:

You’ll hear and answer the reporter’s questions on the landline or second cellphone, while simultaneously recording your side of the conversation in the WTOP app. At the end of the interview, with a few clicks your near-studio-quality recording will be automatically sent to the reporter for use in his or her report.

The WTOP engagement app was developed by AudioNow. If you have any questions about how the app works, please feel free to email the reporter or me.

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