Experts: Eating while driving increases risk of crash

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WASHINGTON – You may have been taught to drive with your hands at “10 and 2,” but many people may be driving with their hands at “12 and Big Mac.”

Experts tell CBS Los Angeles that eating while driving increases your chance of a car accident by 80 percent.

While it is not illegal to eat while driving, it is unsafe and can fall under the “distracted driving” category alongside texting while driving, Juan Galvan of the California Highway Patrol told CBS Los Angeles.

“You shouldn’t be eating and driving,” Galvan says. “Your mind is off the road, your eyes are off the road, your hands are off the steering wheel.”

Experts at Insure.com say the most dangerous items to eat while driving are coffee, hot soup, tacos, chili and hamburgers.

Below is a list with the most dangerous foods to eat while driving, according to Insure.com.

  1. Coffee
  2. Hot soup
  3. Tacos
  4. Chili
  5. Hamburgers
  6. Barbecued food
  7. Fried chicken
  8. Jelly or cream-filled donuts
  9. Soft drinks
  10. Chocolate

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