Shutdown Drinking Game

Children's book Any time a children's book is referenced, take a drink. Make that two for Dr. Seuss and three for Harry Potter or Narnia.

Shutdown Countdown One drink for each news media outlet with an overly dramatic countdown clock displayed.

"The American people want..." The first person to stand up when a lawmaker says "the American people want..." may choose another person to take a shot.

Twitter Power Any time a representative reads a Tweet on the floor, everyone must start drinking. Do not stop until they do.

Universal Healthcare Any time another country's universal healthcare system is referenced, everyone must yell a toast in that country's language and drink.

Common Sense Any time a government official says something about "common sense," take a drink.

Lawmaker Furlough Any time a representative says "We won't let ourselves get paid until this is solved," the last one to shout "BS!" must drink twice.

Reaching Across the Aisle Any time a lawmaker sternly mentions, "What our colleagues in the other house must do," take a drink.


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