Leggings as pants: A local school sets the standards

WASHINGTON – A local teen’s clothing choice is causing a dress-code related ruffle.

Rockville High School freshman Laura Woche received some attention this week when her top, paired with leggings, did not reach her fingertips, NBC 4 reports.

The high school’s dress code policy states “leggings or stockings worn as pants” are not permitted.

“My friends that go to other schools, they wear whatever they want every day. I feel like it’s still a little unfair that we have such a strict rule,” says Woche.

NBC 4 reports the school told Woche she could either put on an oversized sweater or leave school for the day. Woche’s mother pulled Woche out of school for the remainder of the week.

Rockville’s dress policy was instituted by parents and school administrators.

“They gave their input and their support, and that’s the voice of the parents,” says Rockville High School Principal Dr. Debra Munk.

Munk says for now she does not plan to change the school dress code. The dress policy also prohibits baseball caps and pajamas.

Do you think leggings worn as pants is appropriate attire for students? Where should schools draw the line, if at all? Let us know what you think on WTOP’s Facebook page.

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WTOP’s Joan Jones contributed to this report. Follow @WTOP and @WTOPLiving on Twitter.

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