Parents swap sonograms for gender-reveal cakes

As family and friends anxiously watch, Dan and Lisa Ramish slice into their gender-reveal cake to find out if they will have a boy or girl. Gender-reveal parties are becoming a popular new trend for expecting parents in the D.C. area.
A gender-reveal cake by Creative Cakes in Silver Spring, Md.
Gender-reveal cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake based in D.C. Owner Sophie LaMontagne says the business receives about 50 orders a week for the special cupcakes.
A reveal cake in the shape of a onesie. The inside had either pink or blue batter to indicate if the baby is a boy or girl.
The Ramish's gender-reveal cake made by Sweet Themez in Adams Morgan.
Father-to-be Dan Ramish talks to a relative on the phone to get his vote on whether the baby will be a boy or girl.
For her gender-reveal party, expecting mother Lisa Ramish made finger food like mini tacos and served blueberry and raspberry punch. (WTOP/Stephanie Steinberg)
Sonogram pictures of the Ramish's baby at various stages were on display.
Friends and family sat around the cake as they played gender-guessing games.
Lisa's sister Becky Edmonds dangles a necklace over Lisa's palm. A wives' tale says that if you dangle a chain with a charm over an expecting mother's palm and it swings back and forth, the baby will be a boy. If it swings in a circle, the baby will be a girl. Lisa's necklace swung back and forth.
Lisa asked her guests fill out a survey based on wives' tales to guess if the baby was going to be a boy or girl. For example, if a pregnant mother sleeps on her left side, that means the baby will be a boy. If a mother has mood swings, the baby will be a girl. Lisa said she neither sleeps on her left side nor has mood swings.
Lisa posted gender-based facts around her house and had guests hang congratulatory messages on a tree.
The sign on the TV had a fun tidbit about Brad Pitt, who was the first man to star in a Chanel No. 5 ad.
If Lisa is nervous about learning the gender of her baby, she doesn't show it, as she jokes and laughs before cutting the cake.
Finally it's time. Dan and Lisa grab hold of the silver cutter and begin to slice into the cake.
And ... it's a boy!
Dan's brother, who lives in Nashville, Tenn., watched the reveal moment via Skype.
Lisa cuts thin slices of blue cake while Dan pulls out a sonogram from a few days before. They try to judge if it's a boy based on the photo.
A pink and blue iPhone were unintentionally placed on the table next to each other.
While the cake transformed tongues a bright blue hue, the dessert was a hit. Everyone had a piece except for Lisa, whose pregnancy has thrown off her sweet tooth cravings. (WTOP/Stephanie Steinberg)

Stephanie Steinberg,

WASHINGTON – Lisa Ramish’s family and friends crowded around a yellow cake topped with a pink and blue sugar booties. The words “It’s a

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