Help for what ails you may be in the refrigerator

Randi Martin,

WASHINGTON – Asparagus, lemons, coffee and liver may help cure your pains and ailments, various research finds.

A hangover has asparagus written all over it, with the leaves and shoots of this veggie containing enzymes that break down the alcohol content in your body.

If you want to build up your immune system for the cold winter months, then every day a container of probiotic-rich yogurt should be on your menu.

For kidney stones, try lemonade. Lemon juice contains high levels of citrate, known for dissolving any calcium deposits that may turn into kidney stones.

Women benefit from drinking caffeinated coffee, according to a study done last year at the Harvard School of Public Health. Researchers found that consuming an average of four cups of coffee per day helps ward off depression.

Drinking wine can help prevent weight gain, if it’s red. Purdue University researchers found the compound piceatannol can keep fat cells from maturing. The compound is in red grapes and blueberries.

And if you suffer from migraines, try the beef liver. It’s high in B vitamin riboflavin, which shows promise in reducing the frequency of the headaches.

So instead of the drug store, try reaching for the refrigerator.

Yahoo Health has more on odd food cures.

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