Barrk Obama and Mitt’ns Romney go paw-to-paw

Stephanie Steinberg,

WASHINGTON – Public dog parks and biodegradable litter are important issues for an election taking place in the nation’s capital this month.

Barrk Obama and Mitt’ns Romney are going paw-to-paw in The Washington Animal Rescue League’s first “Paws to Vote” mock election.

With a $1 donation, anyone can cast a vote for their favorite candidate. In this election, voters can vote as many times as they want and opt to take the candidates home.

Before you vote, make sure you know where the candidates stand on dog-friendly eateries and organic catnip. See their bios below from The Washington Animal Rescue League:

Barrrk Obama:

“This tri-color hound from South Carolina arrived in the nation’s capital recently on a donor’s jet with seven other canine companions. Like any good politician, he socializes well with everyone he meets, including dogs and humans of all shapes, sizes, and ages. (So far, he’s kept his feelings about felines private, and who can blame him.) According to Barrrk, his one year of life has given him the kind of experience only time can bring. His goal: more public dog parks and dog-friendly eateries.”

Mitt’ns Romney:

“At just 8 weeks old, this youngster from the streets of D.C. might be considered something of an “underdog,” but don’t count him out. According to many cat fanciers, orange tabbies have the kind of magnetic personalities that attract people in droves, and Mitt’ns is no exception. Despite his small stature and relative inexperience on the international-or even local-scene, this boy has the energy and intellectual curiosity to get the job done. His goal: organic catnip and biodegradable litter for every feline.”

Click here to vote for Barrrk or Mitt’ns. Voting ends Oct. 31.

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