Drivers manage to talk their way out of tickets

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WASHINGTON – Ever tried to talk your way out of a ticket?

Ever tried to talk your way out of a ticket while dressed as a clown?, an online resource for everything from auto insurance to life insurance information, has collected a list of its best stories of drivers who’ve managed to talk themselves out of tickets, regardless of the reason or situation.

Barbilee Hemmings was pulled over in Edmonton, Canada going 50 mph in a school zone.

But she was dressed as her alter ego, Bubble the Clown.

“I was in full makeup, colored hair and baggy pants,” Hemmings tells “So when the officer walked up to my window I stuck my head out and in my loudest ‘Bubbles’ voice said, ‘Of course you can have a balloon animal, officer. Do you want a doggy, or an airplane or a butterfly?'”

The officer let Bubbles off with a warning.

Another woman, Victoria Bors of Fredericksburg, Va., was pulled over for speeding — but she was having an emergency.

A bathroom emergency. Bors tells that she was already squirming in the seat when the officer stopped her. Luckily, her children had her back. Bors’ teenage daughter told the officer her mother needed to go to the restroom.

Then, her 7-year-old echoed the sentiments. The officer laughed and let Bors on her way.

On a country road in Iowa, Mary Babish was speeding while blaring music. She got out of her ticket by being perfectly honest.

“When I was stopped I quickly admitted to speeding, but explained that you can’t drive slow to Aerosmith.”

Here are the excuses said worked:

  • I’m late for a funeral
  • I’m such a clown
  • I’m a woman of few words
  • I’m going to wet my pants
  • I’m very sick
  • I’m consoling a friend
  • I’m not the only guilty party
  • You can’t drive slow to Aerosmith
  • I’m married to a cop has the real-life stories that go with each of the above excuses.

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