Career and season MLB records that changed following the addition of Negro Leagues statistics

NEW YORK (AP) — Major League Baseball said Tuesday that it has incorporated records for more than 2,300 Negro Leagues players following a three-year research project. Players like Josh Gibson, Oscar Charleston and Satchel Paige now hold significant standing on MLB’s career and season leaderboards. Here’s a look at some of the stats most affected.

(asterisk)signifies newly incorporated Negro Leagues stats

Career Batting Average

(asterisk)Josh Gibson, .372

Ty Cobb, .367

(asterisk)Oscar Charleston, .363

Rogers Hornsby, .359

(asterisk)Jud Wilson, .350

(asterisk)Turkey Stearnes, .348

Career Slugging Percentage

(asterisk)Josh Gibson, .718

Babe Ruth, .690

Ted Williams, .634

Lou Gehrig, .632

(asterisk)Mule Suttles, .620

Career On-Base Percentage

Ted Williams, .482

Babe Ruth, .474

(asterisk)Josh Gibson, .459

Career OPS

(asterisk)Josh Gibson, 1.177

Babe Ruth, 1.164

Ted Williams, 1.116

Season Batting Average

(asterisk)Josh Gibson, .466 in 1943

(asterisk)Charlie “Chino” Smith, .451 in 1929

Hugh Duffy, .440 in 1894

(asterisk)Oscar Charleston, .434 in 1921

(asterisk)Charlie Blackwell, .432 in 1921

(asterisk)Oscar Charleston, .427 in 1925

(asterisk)Mule Suttles, .425 in 1926

Season Slugging Percentage

(asterisk)Josh Gibson, .974 in 1937

(asterisk)Mule Suttles, .877 in 1926

(asterisk)Josh Gibson, .871 in 1943

(asterisk)Charlie “Chino” Smith, .870 in 1929

Barry Bonds, .863 in 2001

Season On-Base Percentage

Barry Bonds, .609 in 2004

Barry Bonds, .582 in 2002

(asterisk)Josh Gibson, .564 in 1943

(asterisk)Charlie “Chino” Smith, .551 in 1929

Season OPS

(asterisk)Josh Gibson, 1.474 in 1937

(asterisk)Josh Gibson, 1.435 in 1943

Barry Bonds, 1.4217 in 2004

(asterisk)Charlie “Chino” Smith, 1.4214 in 1921

Other changes of note

Satchel Paige’s 1.01 ERA for the 1944 Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro American League ranks third since ERA became an official stat in the National League in 1912 and American League in 1913. Paige was also credited with 28 Negro Leagues wins, raising his career total to 125. … Minnie Miñoso was credited with 150 hits with the New York Cubans of the second Negro National League from 1946-1948, raising his total to 2,113. … Jackie Robinson was credited with 49 hits for the 1945 Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro American League, raising his total to 1,567. … Willie Mays was credited with 10 hits for the 1948 Birmingham Black Barons of the Negro American League, raising his total to 3,293. He remains in 13th place.



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