Pet of the Week


  • Pet of the Week: Marshmallow

    WASHINGTON — Say hello to Marshmallow, a large Argentine Dogo mix. This 1-year-old boy has one of those faces you just can’t resist, with perpetually quizzical-looking eyes and the cutest gray freckles on his ears.…

  • Pet of the Week: Forrest

    WASHINGTON — Forrest is a splendid Shepherd mix who came to the Washington Animal Rescue League from South Carolina after the recent flooding. Forrest was already in a shelter when the flooding hit the region,…

  • Pet of the Week: Regina

    Say hello to Regina, an absolutely adorable hound mix.

  • Pet of the Week: Hershel

    WASHINGTON — Say hello to Hershel! This three-year-old red shepherd mix arrived at the Washington Animal Rescue League recently from South Carolina. The shelter from which Hershel came was inundated with strays following massive flooding…

  • Pet of the Week: Pops

    WASHINGTON – Meet Pops, a 9-year-old beagle/Blue Heeler (Australian cattle dog) mix. You can tell by his size that Pops really enjoys his meals; in fact, if you say “sit” he will do just that…

  • Pet of the Week: Mystique

    WASHINGTON — No one at the Washington Animal Rescue League can understand why Mystique hasn’t already been adopted. But someone else’s loss could be your gain. This tri-color beagle mix is absolutely wonderful: She’s cheerful,…

  • Pet of the Week: Cygnus

    WASHINGTON — Say hello to Cygnus, a darling black-mouth cur mix pup with the biggest brown eyes and most expressive ears. At 8 months old, this little boy is playful, sweet and energetic. He loves…

  • Pet of the Week: Columbus

    Adorable: That’s the word that comes to mind when you meet Columbus.

  • Pet of the Week: Spot

    WASHINGTON — Meet Spot, an adorable, exuberant pit bull terrier mix puppy. This 3.5-month-old little boy is enthusiasm personified! Spot loves people and playing, and revels in exploring the world around him. Like most puppies, Spot…

  • Pet of the Week: Welch

    WASHINGTON — Looking for a pint-size package of fun? Then look no further than Welch! This darling 1-year-old female Chihuahua mix is a total cutie. She’s friendly and outgoing and enjoys the company of other…

  • Pet of the Week: Lucci

    Her friendly demeanor and calm personality make Lucci a good pet to work with, especially for a first-time owner.

  • Pet of the Week: Orca

    WASHINGTON — Meet Orca: This 7-year-old dachshund mix is sweet and merry, and makes a fantastic companion. Behind her small stature is a heart of gold. Orca is friendly and charming, and great with other dogs.…

  • Pet of the Week: Anchovy

    The first things you notice about this 1-year-old retriever mix are his soulful brown eyes and gorgeous wavy black coat with henna-like highlights.

  • Pet of the Week: Sweet Caroline

    A wonderful, nurturing mother, Sweet Caroline is looking for a loving adult home where she can be pampered and enjoy years of good times with her human companion.

  • Pet of the Week: Dime

    Say hello to Dime. With his stubby little legs, this 4-month-old puppy couldn’t be any cuter.