11 frugal ways to look great all winter long

Chapped lips. Dry skin. Static hair. Itchy scalp.

These are just a handful of the problems that arise in the winter months, when the sun rarely shines and the weather becomes cold and dry.

With a solid month and a half to go before spring returns, we still have to take extra special care to safeguard our face, body and hair from cruel winter winds. But you don’t have to shell out for expensive beauty products to secure a healthy, bright glow this winter. Instead, check out these 11 frugal winter beauty tips and tricks:

Take a speedy shower:

After rolling out of your warm bed and setting your feet on the chilly floor, the first thing you might want to do is take a long, steamy shower. But showering for more than 10 minutes can strip your skin of moisture, since hot water can wash away natural protective oils. If you’ve got colored hair, hot water can cause the color to fade.

Skip the shampoo:

Shampoo too frequently and you can deprive your hair of the oils it needs to stay soft and silky. Aim to wash your hair every other or third day, and you’ll cut back on shampoo and conditioner use while helping to keep your hair smooth and frizz-free.

Grab some dryer sheets:

Cold and dry weather can cause static cling in your hair. Banish static by rubbing your hair with dryer sheets and keeping your hairbrush wrapped in dryer sheets.

Try a homemade skincare treatment:

The kitchen abounds with foodstuffs and household items that can be used to naturally beautify your skin and soften your hair. We’ve included a list of our favorite all-natural kitchen homemade treatments below:

Avocado hydrating mask: Mash avocado, honey and vinegar to create a face mask that will hydrate and replenish dry skin.

Cucumber toner: Blend and puree cucumber, then mix with honey for a rejuvenating toner.

Yogurt cleanser: Oats, yogurt and a sprinkle of green tea will make a soothing cleanser.

Tea facial. You can reduce puffiness and dark circles by placing damp, cool teabags over your eyes for 10 minutes.

Milk bath. Add a couple of cups to a warm bath, and soak for about 15 minutes to soften and exfoliate your skin.

Vinegar rinse. Soak your hair in vinegar for five minutes before washing to help to restore shine to your hair.

Drink more water and less caffeine and alcohol:

When the weather gets cold and your skin becomes dry, you may find that your complexion becomes duller and your wrinkles more prominent. Combatting a dull complexion can be as simple as drinking more water to restore the fluids we use throughout our busy days. Maintaining internal hydration can help you increase moisture to skin that has been dehydrated by caffeine, alcohol and general lack of water.

Order the salmon:

Foods like salmon, avocados, walnuts and leafy greens contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids play an important role in helping cells flush toxins and retain moisture. Eat plenty of salmon and other foods with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, and you can reduce acne, wrinkles and cellulite.

Go for generics:

Generic beauty products may be missing the brand name and the high price tag, but many contain the same ingredients as their name brand counterparts. There are certain types of beauty products you can safely go generic with, including body lotion, makeup remover and nail polish remover.

De-chap your lips:

Dry weather can and wind can increase evaporation from your lips, leading to chapping. You can banish dryness and cracking by coating your lips in Vaseline and covering your mouth with saran wrap for five minutes. After removing the wrap, brush your lips softly with a toothbrush.

Get the most out of our lipstick:

Lipstick isn’t just for your lips. Your favorite shade can also double as a cream blush (to get that rosy cheek look on frosty winter mornings), or even as eyeshadow (to match your bright red mittens!). Once you read the end of a tube, you can also mash the remnants with Vaseline to create a replenishing lip gloss.

Get the most out of your foundation:

Foundation can be essential for adding warmth to otherwise dull, dehydrated skin. You can prolong the life of your foundation by purchasing a darker shade than your current skin, and then mixing it with a low-cost lotion.

Recycle your empties:

Companies like Mac, Kiehl’s and Origins offer recycling programs that will reward you with freebies in exchange for sending in your empties. Other Brands, like Bare Minerals and Stila, will refill your compacts at a lower cost than it would to purchase a new one. When you recycle and reuse your old makeup, you’re not only saving money, you’re helping to save the planet. Go you.

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