Best museums in DC

Washington, DC isn’t just the capital of the United States — it’s also arguably the finest place in the country for museum lovers.

The National Mall, the stretch of space in front of the White House, has been nicknamed “America’s front yard,” with historian Caroline Cunningham estimating that a whopping 50 percent of Americans will set foot there at least once.

The mall is home to several of the country’s most famous sites, including the Lincoln and Washington Memorials, but it’s also the home base for the Smithsonian, a series of affiliated museums that cover everything from space to pop culture.

These government-run museums are free to visit, and the sheer scope and volume of what they cover could take weeks to explore. But even if you manage to explore all of them, there’s plenty more to see and do in culture-rich DC to keep you from ever growing bored.

Here are the museums and sites you should put on your “yes” list, in alphabetical order.

This content was republished with permission from CNN.