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Coronavirus news updates are so frequent, it may feel hard to stay up-to-date on the latest things you need to know.

WTOP has you covered with coronavirus news updates you need to know to make sure you stay safe and stay informed. In addition to the latest news on WTOP, easy-to-read highlights will be in this new email newsletter, WTOP’s Coronavirus Briefing.

The email newsletter will come every evening, Monday through Friday, to your email inbox and include the major updates on D.C.-area school reopening plans, vaccine rollouts, guidance from health experts and other coronavirus news that matters to you.

This newsletter will give you a quick recap of everything new WTOP reporters have learned that day. Think of it as a bullet pointed list that will make your life significantly easier!

Each edition will include the latest coronavirus test results and vaccination numbers in D.C., Maryland and Virginia, too.

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This content was republished with permission from CNN.

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