2018 Junior Reporter

Bring me to the entry form

Introducing the inaugural WTOP Junior Reporter Contest – where kids in DC Area public, private and charter schools, grades K-12, have the chance to win cash for themselves and their schools – AND be featured on WTOP Radio and WTOP.com.

Only parents or guardians can enter kids to participate. 
Enter below, starting with your email, and make sure you meet all requirements.  Entries must be complete.
The entry should also include a video (:30 seconds or more) of the entrant reading their own newscast. Have fun with this and be creative! Topics are completely up to you. We want to hear what’s happening in your world and what you find most important.
Entries will be accepted October 1- October 21.  Entries will be judged.  Select entries will make it to the public voting period October 29 – November 9 where the public helps pick the finalists. 

Winners will be unveiled online and on air from November 12 through November 17.

Click here to view our Junior Reporter FAQ.

For complete rules and requirements, click here.

For questions, email junior@wtop.com.

If you experience any issues with the submission form on your mobile device, please try completing the submission on a desktop computer. 


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