20 jobs that pay $80K or more

These careers have great earning potential.

In 2022, full-time workers earned a median income equal to $55,068 per year, according to data from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. That may not sound bad, but you could do better. In fact, many of the best occupations in the country earn median incomes of $80,000 a year or more.

These jobs cover a variety of industries, but health care, technology and business are heavily represented here. They are selected from our Best Jobs list which ranks occupations based on factors such as job growth, work-life balance, stress level and income, as reported by the BLS.

Keep reading to see which career might be best for you.

Business operations manager

Median salary: $103,650

Industry: Business

Business operations managers are employed by businesses large and small. These professionals are responsible for evaluating a company’s current policies and procedures and making recommendations for strategic changes. Their specific job duties can vary depending on their employer and may include such tasks as hiring talent, negotiating contracts and identifying methods to improve efficiency.

Learn more about business operations managers.

Marketing manager

Median salary: $142,170

Industry: Business

A bachelor’s degree is the standard education for this occupation which boasts a six-figure median annual salary. Marketing managers may be involved in setting prices and implementing promotional campaigns for companies. They may also be responsible for hiring staff, overseeing a budget and creating a strategic plan to promote a brand, product or service.

Learn more about marketing managers.


Median salary: $99,250

Industry: Veterinary services

For anyone who loves animals, being a veterinarian can seem like the perfect job. These professionals provide care for creatures ranging from pets to livestock to exotic animals. Although their pay isn’t the highest on this list, veterinarians are expected to be in demand in the coming years, and the profession’s unemployment rate is nearly zero.

Learn more about veterinarians.


Median salary: $111,030

Industry: Insurance

Actuaries are most often employed by firms in the insurance industry, but they may be found in other businesses as well. These professionals use their knowledge of math and statistics to determine the probability of certain events occurring. For instance, companies hire actuaries to gauge the level of financial risk associated with various decisions, such as issuing insurance policies to certain applicants.

Learn more about actuaries.

Nurse anesthetist

Median salary: $183,580

Industry: Health care

With a master’s degree and a year of critical care experience, registered nurses may be able to become nurse anesthetists. These specialists administer general or regional anesthesia which allows medical procedures to be completed with little or no patient discomfort. Nurse anesthetists are highly compensated for their expertise, and this career should see continued growth in the years to come.

Learn more about nurse anesthetists.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

Median salary: $208,000

Industry: Health care

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons often start as dentists and then pursue additional training so they can perform surgeries on the face, jaw and mouth. This is a career option that requires extensive education so it may not be right for everyone. However, those who commit to the field are likely to find their services are in demand and highly compensated.

Learn more about oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Management analyst

Median salary: $87,660

Industry: Business

Another top job in the business sector belongs to management analysts. Also known as management consultants, businesses rely on these professionals to make recommendations that will create efficiencies and improve their bottom line. To do that, management analysts may collect data, analyze it and provide formal recommendations in a report or presentation to executives.

Learn more about management analysts.

Operations research analyst

Median salary: $86,200

Industry: Business

Like management analysts, operations research analysts are hired by companies to help them improve their business practices. For operations research analysts, that may mean gathering data and using statistical models to determine the most cost-effective way to complete various business functions. A bachelor’s degree is the standard education for workers in this field.

Learn more about operations research analysts.

IT manager

Median salary: $151,150

Industry: Technology

Also known as computer and information systems managers, IT managers are responsible for the technology used by a business or organization. They may analyze system needs, plan upgrades and purchase equipment. At some firms, IT managers may specialize in a certain type of technology or oversee a tech department. It’s a career with good job prospects and great income potential.

Learn more about IT managers.


Median salary: $208,000

Industry: Health care

Physicians have a job that needs little introduction. Going by the title of doctor, these professionals have a medical degree and can treat a variety of ailments, injuries and illnesses. Some physicians are general practitioners while others specialize in one type of medicine such as pediatrics or obstetrics. This isn’t a low-stress occupation, but it is one that comes with a good paycheck and plenty of job opportunities.

Learn more about physicians.

Speech-language pathologist

Median salary: $80,480

Industry: Education and health care

Speech-language pathologists are often found in schools where they help children overcome difficulties in speaking. However, that is far from the only job available to those trained in this field. These professionals — who may be called speech therapists — can be employed in a variety of settings and may work with children and adults to diagnose and treat a number of conditions related to communication and swallowing.

Learn more about speech language pathologists.


Median Salary: $126,930

Industry: Law

Lawyers have diverse career options. They can specialize in areas such as criminal law, taxation, business finance and intellectual property among others. Regardless of which type of law they plan to practice, lawyers need a professional degree and must pass their state’s bar exam. Once admitted to the bar, they can then work with individual, corporate and nonprofit clients. Some lawyers are also employed by the government.

Learn more about lawyers.


Median salary: $92,270

Industry: Business and education

Big data is increasing demand for statisticians who can crunch numbers for businesses. These professionals may be called upon to analyze information for marketing, research or other purposes. Statisticians have a job that is valuable across industries. In addition to business, they may be hired to work in academia, health care or the government.

Learn more about statisticians.

Financial manager

Median salary: $134,180

Industry: Business

For those intrigued by investment portfolios, cash flow statements and budget projections, working as a financial manager might be the right career choice. Financial managers are often employed by large corporations to help them be more profitable. Their duties may include leading a team and ensuring government reporting requirements and regulations are met.

Learn more about financial managers.

Data scientist

Median salary: $98,230

Industry: Technology

Data scientists take large sets of data and turn it into information that can be used by government, business and nonprofit leaders. To do their job, data scientists need a good grasp of both statistics and computer technology, and their findings may be used for a variety of purposes from research to marketing. A bachelor’s degree is the standard education for professionals in this field.

Learn more about data scientists.

Software developer

Median salary: $110,140

Industry: Technology

Software developers have one of the top technology and STEM jobs in the nation, according to our analysis. Workers in this profession enjoy high incomes, strong job growth and diverse employment opportunities. Software developers may work in an office, be employed remotely or be self-employed. Depending on their specialization, they may create software for computer systems or applications.

Learn more about software developers.

Medical and health services manager

Median salary: $104,280

Industry: Health care

You’ll only need a bachelor’s degree to land this high-paying job in health care. Medical and health services managers work behind the scenes to ensure medical facilities are operating smoothly. They may schedule staff, manage finances and ensure compliance with government regulations. Some may specialize in a particular type of management, such as overseeing health information databases or serving as a nursing home administrator.

Learn more about medical and health services managers.

Physician assistant

Median salary: $115,390

Industry: Health care

Physician assistants aren’t doctors, but they can perform many of the tasks associated with physicians. Depending on their state’s laws, physician assistants can examine patients, diagnose illnesses and write prescriptions. However, they must work under the supervision of a physician or surgeon. Physician assistants don’t need a medical degree, but they do need to have a graduate-level education.

Learn more about physician assistants.

Nurse practitioner

Median salary: $111,680

Industry: Health care

In many parts of the country, a nurse practitioner can provide much of the same care you’d expect to receive from a doctor. They may serve as patients’ primary care providers and offer routine and even emergency care. As U.S. health care needs grow, nurse practitioners are expected to be in significant demand in the years to come.

Learn more about nurse practitioners.

Information security analyst

Median salary: $103,590

Industry: Technology

Information security analysts don’t just make six-figure incomes; they also have the No. 1 job in the nation according to our Best Jobs rankings. With cybersecurity forefront on the minds of many businesses and organizations, information security analysts are hired to evaluate computer systems and create safeguards to fend off attacks from hackers and other threats.

Learn more about information security analysts.

The 20 best jobs that pay $80K or more:

— Computer Systems Administrator.

— Financial Analyst.

— Occupational Therapist.

— Management Analyst.

— Financial Advisor.

— Statistician.

— Physical Therapist.

— Database Administrator.

— Environmental Engineer.

— Biomedical Engineer.

— Business Operations Manager.

— Construction Manager.

— Computer Systems Analyst.

— Veterinarian.

— Data Scientist Psychologist.

— Pharmacist.

— Marketing Manager.

— Nurse Anesthetist.

— Physician.

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