10 job resolutions to revitalize your career in 2016

Make these New Year’s career resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just about diets and empty promises to call your grandmother more often. The new year is also a time to think about your career and commit to making changes that will keep your work feeling fresh and challenging. Make these 10 New Year’s resolutions in 2016 to reinvigorate your career, build your network and rediscover that professional spark.

1. Earn a bigger paycheck.

Whether it’s negotiating salary at a new job, making the case for a raise at your current gig or landing a part-time job, position yourself to earn more money this year. Do your research, be straightforward and prepare to demonstrate your value to the company.

2. Delegate better.

Refusing to delegate when you have the ability to do so wastes your time, leaves you feeling overwhelmed and keeps experience-hungry young employees feeling stunted in their career growth. If your position allows you to distribute work, make 2016 the year you delegate like a competent manager.

3. Take criticism like a pro.

Whether it happens in a performance review or after you’ve royally messed up at work, learn to bounce back from negative feedback. Critical feedback can help you grow as an employee. So, show that you can handle it and don’t react with anger.

4. Learn to brag.

This doesn’t mean you should act like an entitled nitwit. But keep a “brag binder” or a “kudos folder” — online or in paper — with all of your at-work wins. You may need to reference those accolades in your next performance evaluation, salary negotiation or when a bad day needs salvaging.

5. Know when to shut your mouth.

Over-sharers and naggers, put a lid on it. Some comments or personal information are best kept quiet at the office. Don’t describe your hangover to co-workers or gush about your graduate school plans to an interviewer. And for goodness sake, no one wants you to aggressively follow up after an interview.

6. Stop throwing painful meetings.

Sorry, but no one wants to go to your terrible meeting. Plan your agenda carefully, start and end on time and — please! — only schedule meetings when you have to.

7. Find a mentor.

Cozy up to an industry veteran to help you become a better employee, map out your career trajectory and achieve professional goals. Identify potential mentors through an office program, social media or a professional association.

8. Cut out toxic people and negative workplaces.

Toxic co-workers, bad work environments and unhappy thought patterns can leave you feeling miserable at work and stunt your career growth. You might have a boss who bullies, a co-worker who overshares or a job that leaves you feeling incompetent. Learn to identify these sources of toxicity and remove yourself from the situation when necessary.

9. Join a professional group.

Rekindle your passion for your profession. Find a professional association outside of work or an affinity group at the office to expand your network, revitalize your workday and develop your interests. In addition to boosting your career and roster of professional contacts, you may even — gasp — have fun.

10. Pay it forward.

If you’re in the position to do it, make an investment in a new hire or young worker by acting as a mentor, job reference or professional contact. Who knows, old-timer, that newbie millennial hire could someday be your boss.

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