Traffic Incidents

I-495 Capital Beltway


I-495/Beltway  Inner Loop before MD-414/St Barnabas Rd (#4), left side blocked by the accident.

District Of Columbia


DC-295  northbound between I-695/11th Street Bridge and Benning Rd NE, 1 right lane blocked by the work zone.

Memorial Bridge 

Memorial Bridge  both ways between Memorial Circle and Lincoln Circle, follow lane control signs by the work zone.

Beach Dr 

Beach Dr  both ways between Joyce Rd NW/Military Rd NW and Maryland State Line, all lanes blocked by the work zone.


Baltimore-Washington Pkwy 

Baltimore-Washington Pkwy  southbound before I-495/Capital Beltway, right side blocked by the work zone.

Middlebrook Rd 

Middlebrook Rd  both ways near Observation Dr, proceed with caution by the reported accident.

Redskin Dr 

Redskin Dr  all ways near I-495/Capital Beltway and Arena Dr, delays likely on nearby routes before and after the event due to fan traffic by the Redskins game.



I-395  southbound before Edsall Rd (#2), 1 right lane blocked by the accident.

I-395 HOV Lanes 

I-395 HOV Lanes  both ways between I-395 Mainline Exchange near Duke St and I-395 Mainline Pentagon Exchange, all lanes blocked by the work zone.

Popes Head Rd 

Popes Head Rd  both ways between VA-286/Fairfax County Pkwy and Colchester Rd, all lanes blocked by the work zone.