Traffic Incidents

I-495 Capital Beltway


I-495/Beltway  Inner Loop near I-270 (#35), left shoulder blocked by the accident.


I-495/Beltway  Outer Loop ramp to southbound I-95/Springfield, 2 left lanes get by by the vehicle fire.

District Of Columbia

Beach Dr 

Beach Dr  both ways between Joyce Rd NW/Military Rd NW and Maryland State Line, all lanes blocked by the work zone.


US-29/Colesville Rd 

US-29/Colesville Rd  southbound near Spring St, all traffic stopped by the accident.

MD-852/Old Manchester Rd 

MD-852/Old Manchester Rd  both ways between Lucabaugh Mill Rd and Blue Heron Dr, all lanes blocked by the structural failure.

MD-381/Brandywine Rd 

MD-381/Brandywine Rd  both ways between Mattawoman Dr and Missouri Ave, all lanes blocked by the work zone.



I-66  westbound after Nutley St (#62), right side blocked by the work zone.


I-395  northbound between Edsall Rd (#2) and VA-7/King St (#5), 1 left lane blocked by the work zone.

George Washington Pkwy 

George Washington Pkwy  both ways between Spout Run Pkwy and Windy Run Bridge, two lanes open to northbound traffic and one lane open to southbound traffic by the work zone.