Restaurant apologizes for treatment of Alexandria police officer

WASHINGTON — An Alexandria police officer who says she was refused service at a local restaurant is getting an apology.

Peter Feltham, with the Alexandria Committee of Police told NBC Washington an Alexandria officer went into a Noodles & Company on Duke Street for dinner Monday evening and was denied service.

“While they were waiting in line, the cook from behind the counter went up to the cash register person and pointed at the police officer and said, ‘You have to take me off the line. I ain’t serving that.’ The officer realized what was happening and rather than make an incident of it, the officer just left the business,” Feltham said.

Police spokeswoman Crystal Nosal says it was never made clear why the officer was singled out, but said she was in full uniform at the time.

“The police department enjoys a lot of support from the business community in Alexandria and that’s why this was such a shock,” Nosal said.

Chief Earl Cook as well as a union representative met with the Noodles & Company manager who Nosal said apologized for his employee’s actions.

In a statement, Noodles & Company said:

“We are working with the appropriate authorities and local police association representatives to get to the bottom of, and resolve this matter as quickly as possible. We have made efforts to reach out to the police officer involved, but have not yet spoken with her.  We will continue to look into the situation and will take the appropriate actions at the conclusion of this review.”

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