Your ABC7 Weather Forecast

This Morning:
Cloudy with Sprinkles
Temperatures: 40s
Wind: Light
This Afternoon:
Temperatures: 40s
Wind: N at 5 mph
This Evening:
Temperatures: Dropping Through 40s
Wind: N at 5 mph

A few sprinkles here and there today, but nothing to write home about. It will be noticeably cooler than days past as temperatures will remain in the 40s today. Plenty of clouds will accompany the chilly conditions. There could be a few peeks of PM sunshine, but most of the cloud cover will remain for the day. Keeping a chance for some LIGHT snowflakes and maybe some LIGHT sprinkles tomorrow morning as a piece of energy could be moving through the area but nothing too problematic. There should be some clearing by Tuesday afternoon as high pressure begins to influence our weather pattern. In fact, New Year's Eve looks cold, but wonderful with sunshine and temperatures in the upper 30s! By the stroke of midnight, temperatures will be in the 20s with a clear, cold and calm night ahead. New Year's Day will be fantastic with sunshine as well and temperatures will start moving up from there. In fact, by Saturday we are back in the 50s with another chance of rain on the way. Rain will lead into Sunday as well.

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