Your ABC7 Weather Forecast

Mostly cloudy with rain, mixing with snow from NW to SE.
Lows: Upper 20s to mid 30s
Wind: NE 5-15 mph
Cloudy and breezy with snow showers
Highs: Low to mid 30s
Wind: NE 10-15 G 20 mph
Windy and cold with AM snow showers possible
Highs: Low to mid 30s
Wind: NW 10-20 mph

Our two part winter weather storms are coming together and will impact you tonight through Tuesday morning.  There is still high uncertainty on where exactly the coastal low will develop and how much snow that will bring to the area.  Regardless, winter storm warnings are in effect far NW where accumulations could range from 2-4" by tomorrow morning.  Most of us will wake up to relatively wet conditions in the D.C. metro area. 

The clipper will transition to a strong coastal storm tomorrow afternoon.  Colder air will spill into the region with snow showers possible throughout the day.  As the low bombs out over the eastern seaboard, it may bring a few heavy snow bands late Monday into Tuesday morning.  Those bands could produce a few inches of snow.  Where, and if, the snow bands set up will greatly affect snow totals.  At this point, it appears your Monday AM commute shouldn't be too bad; however, the PM commute may be more slick.

Tuesday morning could be a mess on the roads too.  The strengthening low will also kick up our winds.  Expect breezy winds tomorrow and Tuesday with cold temperatures in the 30s.

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