Nominations now open for 2015’s America’s Best Restroom Contest

The public restrooms at Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia was crowned America's Best Bathroom in 2014. (Cintas/Longwood Gardens)

WASHINGTON — While Americans disagree on politics, fashion and whether cats are better than dogs, there’s at least one thing that unites us.

We all have to go to the bathroom.

Cintas’ annual America’s Best Restroom Contest is back and nominations are now being accepted.

The contest, which has been taking a serious and in-depth look at America’s potties since 2002, is looking for restrooms that go above and beyond not only in cleanliness but in creativity. 

Past restroom champions have included a lavatory walled with lush greenery and another with chandeliers and granite and onyx pedestal sinks.

No bathroom from the D.C. area has ever taken the, ahem, throne, but Georgetown’s Marco Polo did make the top 10 list of nominees in 2012.

That fancy powder room is located at Mie N Yu’s and boasts a Marco Polo theme. The unisex bathroom has intricate wall designs, barrel sinks and treasure chests holding paper towels.

If you’re looking for a local water closet to nominate, take a look at our collection of the craziest bathrooms in the capital.  Submit your nominations via this form.

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  • ResistanceIsUseless

    Wrigley Field anyone? /sarcasm

  • ktzmom13

    Longwood Gardens is pretty awesome – the bathrooms are single, private rooms with a light above the door indicating whether it’s in use.

    • obscurechemist

      Truly. I couldn’t believe they were for the public.

  • Badeye

    One of the most important things I learned in college was to always know where the clean restrooms are. To this day that still holds true. To heck with everything else they tried to teach me!

  • Scooby

    Well I’m pretty sure Larry Craig would nominate the men’s room at Union Station.

  • Bernard Goetz is a hero

    Stay AWAY from the 3rd floor bathroom at Pentagon City Mall. You have been warned. They should fill that entire hallway with cement, from top to bottom.

    • Offensive Fairy

      Well, RA has to hang out somewhere.

      • R A.

        ….says the resident self-admitted cawk hawk

        • Offensive Fairy

          …says the spooge swallow.

  • South Beach

    Macy’s used to be great for expecting women and women with babies -a clean sitting area with couches and chairs for nursing Moms or relaxing GrandMa’s, clean changing station, lower lighting in the sitting area. I would always head to Macy’s as the best place in Fair Oaks Mall. I haven’t been there in ages, I hope it is still that way.. That place was an oasis.

  • Phantom

    Manassas Mall has only 2 bathrooms for the entire mall located off the food court. Pretty nasty and they stink, also not surprising considering all the illegals that hang out there. Both of those reasons is why I don’t go there anymore.

    • Haricot

      I thought the whole wall smelled like a bathroom.

  • Will.i.Am

    The bathroom in my home is the best. Too bad I can’t nominate it.

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