Traffic Incidents


Route 5 

9:52 AM

Route 5  Northbound between Silver Hill Rd/Iverson St and Naylor Rd, a single lane gets by past the DOWNED WIRES.

Route 355 

6:14 AM

Route 355  both directions on, nearby street closures scheduled by the ROAD RACE.



9:53 AM

I-395  Southbound ramp to Southbound Route 1/Crystal City (#8C), the ramp is blocked by the ACCIDENT.

George Washington Pkwy 

6:40 AM

George Washington Pkwy  both directions between I-495/Capital Beltway and Mount Vernon, various lanes are blocked at the ROAD RACE.

Route 1 

6:46 AM

Route 1 near Route 235/Mt Vernon Hwy/Mulligan Rd, proceed with caution by the FIRE ACTIVITY.


Metrorail Green Line 

7:21 AM

Metrorail Green Line at Greenbelt, the station is closed.

Metrorail Green Line 

7:31 AM

Metrorail Green Line between Greenbelt and College Park-U Of Md, buses replace trains.

Metrorail Blue Line 

9:15 AM

Metrorail Blue Line between Braddock Road and Franconia-Springfield, expect service delays due to the EARLIER INCIDENT.