Traffic Incidents


Suitland Pkwy 

08:02 AM

Suitland Pkwy  outbound between Silver Hill Rd and Suitland Rd, VARIOUS LANES BLOCKED by the accident.



08:00 AM

I-95  southbound between Route 610/Garrisonville/Aquia (#143) and Route 630/Stafford (#140), ALL LANES OPEN DELAYS REMAIN by the earlier incident.

Other Virginia Route 

03:40 AM

Other Virginia Route  eastbound at(#OAK ST), SINGLE LANES GETS BY by the work zone.

Other Virginia Route 

08:06 AM

Other Virginia Route  both ways between(#Auburn St) and (#Beverly St), ALL LANES BLOCKED by the investigation.

District Of Columbia

Memorial Bridge 

06:36 PM

Memorial Bridge  outbound before George Washington Pkwy, 2 LEFT LANES GET BY by the work zone.

Virginia Ave 

05:43 AM

Virginia Ave eastbound between Rock Creek Pkwy and 25th St NW, 1 LEFT LANE GETS BY by the work zone.

22nd Street 

07:00 AM

22nd Street both ways between Constitution Ave and C ST, is Thunder Alley , STREET CLOSURES SCHEDULED by the event.