• What kids don’t want their parents to know about their cellphones

    While parents may have access to their children’s cellphones through a passcode or fingerprint, most still struggle to explain what their kids are doing on their phones.

  • $19 billion for WhatsApp? Not so crazy

    When Facebook paid a sum that could end up totaling $19 billion – yes, with a \”b\” – for WhatsApp, a lot of people thought that was an eye-popping amount of money. But Amir Efrati, senior reporter for TheInformation.com, tells WTOP it wasn\’t such an unbelievable price – in fact, someone else was offering more.

  • Are teens turning away from Facebook?

    Facebook accounts are so prevalent that the social media giant brags
    about its 1.1 billion users worldwide. But, the social media giant admits its
    seeing a decrease in daily usage among teens.