• Pet of the Week: Paula

    WASHINGTON — If you’re an oldies fan, you’ll remember the words to “Hey Paula,” which topped both the pop and R&B charts in 1963: “Hey, hey Paula, no one else will ever do … Paula…

  • Pet of the Week: Confetti

    WASHINGTON — Confetti is the life of the party! This 2-year-old Staffordshire terrier mix is enthusiastic and energetic — and he’s looking for a human companion with similar qualities. Days spent playing and going for…

  • Pet of the Week: Miguel

    WASHINGTON — Meet Miguel, a cute little Chihuahua mix currently residing at the Washington Animal Rescue League. We don’t know much about this little guy’s early life — just that he somehow found himself at…

  • Pet of the Week: Sweet & Low

    WASHINGTON — This cute “pocket pit” mix is one of WARL’s longest tenured residents, and she can’t wait to find her new forever home. Much smaller than a normal pit bull mix, this little girl…

  • Pet of the Week: Little Gal

    WASHINGTON — Little Gal is a ray of sunshine on a cold, grey day. This darling 3-year-old, wire-haired terrier mix is everything you could want in a canine companion: cheerful, playful, and affectionate. She loves…

  • Pet of the Week: Dolah

    Dolah is a darling little beagle. Although initially timid, this sweet girl is just in need of someone who can shower her with love and boost her confidence.

  • Pet of the Week: Yukon

    Yukon is a 2-year-old shepherd mix with a coat—and a heart—of gold. And she’s this week’s Pet of the Week.

  • Pet of the Week: Flacco

    WASHINGTON — Those of you who watch Animal Planet’s puppy cam will recognize Flacco. In early January, this 3-month-old pit bull terrier mix and his littermates arrived at the Washington Animal Rescue League, where until…

  • WARL, Uber team up to deliver puppies around D.C.

    WASHINGTON — Want to play with a puppy without the long-term obligation? The Washington Animal Rescue League is teaming up with Uber and Animal Planet to deliver dogs to your doorstep for a good cause…

  • Pet of the Week: Charlotte

    WASHINGTON — Charlotte is a chocolate Lab mix who arrived at the Washington Animal Rescue League with her puppies. At just 1 year old, she’s almost a puppy herself … but without all the annoying…

  • Pet of the Week: Brad

    WASHINGTON —  Meet Brad. No, not Brad Pit, or Brad Paisley or even Brad Johnson. Just Brad. This adorable American Staffordshire terrier mix arrived at the Washington Animal Rescue League with his littermates in early…

  • Pet of the Week: Pepper

    Say hello to Pepper, a 4-year-old terrier mix who\’s in need of a new
    home … and maybe a bit of a makeover.

  • Pet of the Week: Lilly

    Say hello to Lilly, a 2-year-old smooth collie mix available for adoption from the Washington Animal Rescue League.

  • Pet of the Week: Bernadette

    Say hello to Bernadette, a 3-year-old rough collie mix with a beautiful, luxurious coat.

  • Pet of the Week: Valerie

    Valerie is a happy-go-lucky pit bull terrier mix