• Terrorists may be within reach of dirty bomb

    WASHINGTON — In the shadows of the fighting between Ukrainian military forces and Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine, potentially deadly radiological material has allegedly been removed from an underground bunker. Ukrainian security service documents surfaced in…

  • NATO to deploy Rapid Response Team in Eastern Europe

    A new NATO Rapid Response Force will deploy in the Eastern Europe soon to ease growing anxiety in countries bordering Russia –and there\’s good reason for that, according to JJ Green, WTOP national security correspondent.

  • Donald Trump: Contempt for America won’t help Ukraine relations

    President Donald Trump would have handled United States-Ukraine
    relations differently, garnering the respect America deserves, the politically
    outspoken business mogul said on WTOP Tuesday.

  • Safety of civil aviation threatened in conflict zones

    The increase in the number of conflict zones across the world and the amount of weaponry in the hands of militants will continue to threaten aviation safety.

  • Global leaders express shock over downed plane

    Associated Press International leaders and officials expressed grief and shock at the crash Thursday in eastern Ukraine of a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet carrying 298 people. Several pledged to contribute to investigation efforts. The plane…

  • Twitterverse mocks David Cameron’s tweet

    The Twitterverse mocked David Cameron\’s selfie taken as the British Prime Minister discussed the situation in Ukraine with President Obama.

  • DNI Clapper: Ukraine intelligence ‘not a failure by any stretch’

    Director of National Intelligence James Clapper sits down for an exclusive interview with WTOP on the situation in Ukraine.

  • 8 things you should know about the protests in Kiev

    Violent clashes between protesters and the government in Ukraine has garnered international attention and world leaders are stepping in to help pressure Ukraine to stop the bloodshed. What you need to know about the protests in Kiev.