• Google Glass makes its way to the operating room (Video)

    A plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida, is part of a small yet growing
    number of doctors who use Google
    Glass in the operating room. The use of
    Glass in the operations is uncommon, but no longer unusual.

  • Gender plays role in pain after surgery (Video)

    Researchers who interviewed 10,200 patiens over more than four years in Germany found men tend to feel more pain after major surgeries than women.

  • Technology to blame for 1 in 4 operating room errors, study finds

    High technology has made many types of surgery more precise and effective — and in some cases, far less invasive. But all this innovation also has created some problems.

  • New procedure relieves concussion-related headaches

    Dr. Ivan Ducic is pioneering what some consider a radical idea to treat post-concussion
    headaches caused by nerve damage. His approach is a new twist on an existing
    procedure used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.