BREAKING NEWS Shelter in place order in Maryland City right off of 198 and Whiskey Bottom Road.



  • New suits aim to avoid shark attacks (Video)

    A new swimming suit developed in West Australia can prevent shark attacks.

  • Find sharks in a downtown D.C. federal building

    Not everyone realizes it, but there are sharks,
    alligators and
    piranhas living in the basement of a D.C.
    federal building.

  • Sharks in the Chesapeake: More likely than thought

    Unlike the nearby ocean coasts, the Chesapeake
    Bay is not a
    hotbed for shark sport fishing,
    largely due to the low numbers of sharks that
    can exist in the water. Bull sharks
    are among the only species that can withstand
    salinity levels that low.

  • Shark Week 2012: Sharks in action (VIDEO)

    To further whet your appetite with amazing shark
    footage, check out these videos of
    the often misunderstood sea beasts in action.

  • WTOP Guide: How regional sharks feed (VIDEO)

    In the wake of shark-killing fury spurred on by
    the 1975 movie \”Jaws,\” the aquarium serves as a
    respository for information about a
    misunderstood beast that is
    critical to the entire marine ecosystem.

  • Sharks: Perceived menace actually vulnerable, essential

    Sharks are going to hunt down you and your
    and won\’t rest
    until they explode. At least, that\’s what the
    movie \”Jaws\” would have you