• Washington Post ‘hugely relieved’ at Jason Rezaian’s homecoming

    After spending over a year in an Iranian prison, Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian is on his way home Sunday, and editors at The Washington Post say they are “hugely relieved.”

  • POLL: Fans Broadly Back NFL Sanctions; Eight in 10 Suspect Other Teams, Too

    (NEW YORK) — Americans overall, and avid fans in particular, broadly support NFL sanctions against New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his team for using underinflated footballs in January’s AFC title game. But the…

  • Albright: Military force a question as Iran sanctions work

    Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright
    tells WTOP she isn\’t surprised the Iraq talks
    weren\’t wholly successful, and looks to
    negotiations in Moscow next month to keep the
    precarious situation from escalating.