• Tattoo artists speak out about proposed D.C. regulations

    WASHINGTON — Tattoo artists in the District of Columbia are upset about new regulations proposed by the Department of Health, which some fear will make their businesses illegal. “The D.C. Department of Health is trying to…

  • Area group helping evolve the rules of the sky for drone flight

    WASHINGTON — The Federal Aviation Administration is struggling with making rules for what some call the Wild West world of drone flight. Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership is leading the research to help the FAA develop rules that…

  • Column: Understanding the new FAA drone regulations

    Q: Do the new FAA regulations mean I can finally use a drone in my real estate business soon? A: The Federal Aviation Administration on Sunday unveiled its proposed regulation for “unmanned aircraft systems” (UAS),…

  • Environmentalists urge Va. to begin crafting fracking rules

    Environmentalist says Virginia has the opportunity to get ahead of the fracking industry and pass new regulations before any drillers would seek a permit.

  • Listing your house or apartment on Airbnb? Know the rules

    For the under-30 crowd, traveling via the shared economy is the norm, and renting out your apartment is a moneymaker. But before you do, know the rules.