• The Red Cross’ secret disaster

    In 2012, two massive storms pounded the United States, leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless, hungry or without power for days and weeks. Americans believed the Red Cross was up to the job of easing the suffering left in the storms\’ wake. They were wrong.

  • Schumer wants safety devices added to children’s medicines

    Sen. Charles E. Schumer is calling on federal regulators to require that all liquid children\’s medications be equipped with safety devices called flow restrictors, following an investigation by ProPublica and testing by Consumer Reports showing that the devices can help prevent accidental overdoses.

  • Acetaminophen: What are the health risks?

    Data show that acetaminophen is linked to more deaths than any other over-the-counter pain reliever. During the last decade, more than 1,500 Americans died after accidentally taking too acetaminophen, one of the nation\’s most popular pain relievers. ProPublica takes an in-depth look at the dangers and what the Food and Drug Administration has long known about the risks.