• Side-By-Side Comparison of New Oreo Thins to Original

    (NEW YORK) — It’s been a busy year for Oreo: Red Velvet and S’Mores flavors debuted, with much speculation of what’s coming next. Well, the wait is over, because as of Tuesday, there’s a brand…

  • Guy on Internet can dunk Oreos better than you (Video)

    WASHINGTON — Trick shot videos are a favorite Internet time-killer. Watching someone make impossible shots with footballs and basketballs give you a quick burst of adrenaline as you silently scream, “Are you kidding me!?” But…

  • Leak reveals cotton candy-flavored Oreos

    WASHINGTON — Oreos are getting a carnival twist with its newest flavor, but the cookie brand is not happy that word of the confection leaked online. A leaked photo on Instagram shows photos of cotton…

  • Oreo Launching New Red Velvet Flavor

    (NEW YORK) — After months of rumors and hopeful Tweets, Oreo has confirmed that it is introducing a brand-new flavor: red velvet. The company took 18 months to perfect the flavor, which has a red…

  • Study: Oreos as addictive as cocaine in lab rats (Video)

    Just how addictive are high-fat/high sugar foods? New research takes a closer look.

  • Watermelon Oreos are the new summer treat

    Oreo is debuting a new limited edition flavor that is getting a ton of
    buzz. Maybe it\’s the colors, maybe it\’s the flavor, but the new Watermelon Oreos are hitting snack aisles this week with a roar of response just in time for the start of summer.

  • A nod to the Oreo on its 100th birthday

    It\’s hard to imagine life without the cookie, as most of us weren\’t alive before its 1912 debut. That same year, the Titanic sank, the Girl Scouts began and the Maraschino cherry was introduced.