• Snatched: One woman’s story of kidnapping and survival

    American missionary Phyllis Sortor, 71, was kidnapped in February in Nigeria. She was slapped, dragged, threatened with death and forced to run for miles before being hidden away in a thickly-wooded area. Despite multiple attempts to kill her, she survived the 12-day ordeal after forging an unlikely alliance with one of her kidnappers.

  • Activist: Nigerian government should do more to protect its citizens

    On Saturday, a group of Nigerians rallied outside the Nigerian Embassy for a safe return of the 200 kidnapped school girls.

  • Muslim groups to condemn Nigeria kidnappings

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Muslim organizations representing the Washington area are gathering to call from the release of nearly 300 schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria. The kidnappings three weeks ago by the Muslim extremist group Boko Haram…

  • TransAfrica praises U.S. aid in search for missing Nigerian girls

    The outgoing president of TransAfrica says the Nigerian government waited to long to accept international assistance in the search for 276 girls who were kidnapped from their school by extremists more than two weeks ago.

  • Demonstrators demand Nigeria help kidnapped girls

    Demonstrators surrounded the Embassy of Nigeria on Tuesday to demand the government of that country do more to rescue schoolgirls kidnapped by militant extremists.

  • In Africa, choosing curfews over chaos

    Terrified by roving bands of killers, a farmer
    northern Nigeria told her customers last week
    she would not be able to make her deliveries.