• Researchers change emotions associated with memories

    Our strongest memories call up equally strong emotions: Remembering certain experiences make us feel good; others, not so much. Researchers at MIT may have figured out how that process works — and may have found a way to change that around.

  • Talking computer program can improve social skills

    For many people, face-to-face conversation is intimidating. Conversing online and in text form is often easier than looking into someone\’s eyes. But being comfortable in conversation can do more than help alleviate awkward social situations — it can help with job interviews, public speaking and dating. Now, a computer program is helping out.

  • App predicts traffic light changes for drivers (VIDEO)

    Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of
    Technology have come up with an app
    called SignalGuru that predicts when
    signals will change from red to green.

  • Office face time is important for career success

    Teleworking: kitchen tables, pajamas, freedom from
    commute stress. It\’s a perk many area residents
    enjoy. But is telecommuting or working at home
    hazardous for careers?