• Mooove over cows: Goat milk sales climb in U.S. dairy market

    Mooove over, cows. There’s another milk that’s pleasing the palates of consumers.

  • Milk truck overturns on I-70

    WASHINGTON — Some commuters spent the morning stuck in traffic after a milk tanker overturned on Interstate 70 at Md. 27 near Mount Airy about 6:20 a.m. Wednesday. The cleanup lasted all morning. It took until about…

  • Which drink will freeze first? (Photos)

    Which drink do you think would freeze first in 10 degree temperatures — milk, apple juice, tepid water, or hot coffee? We’re doing a WTOP Freeze Test.

  • Which drink freezes faster in frigid temps?

    We’re testing to see which drink will freeze fastest in 10 degree temperatures — apple juice, tepid water, hot coffee, or cold milk.

  • Virginia lawmakers weigh right to buy unpasteurized milk

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia lawmakers are considering whether the state’s constitution should enshrine the right of consumers to buy unpasteurized milk or uninspected meat directly from farmers. Activists argued to a House committee Monday…

  • Milk may be best recovery beverage choice

    WASHINGTON — Got milk?  It could  be the best way to rehydrate after strenuous exercise. In a new small study, researchers in Australia subjected 15 men to four grueling cycling workouts.  Each time, they were given a…

  • Va. Health Department issues milk advisory

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The Virginia Health Department is advising consumers not to drink Marva Maid Dairy milk in half-pint containers with sell-by dates from May 30 through June 2. The department issued the advisory…

  • Dairy groups want secret sweetened milk

    The dairy industry wants to start using
    artificial sweeteners in flavored milks, like
    chocolate or strawberry milk, without labeling it
    \”reduced-\” or \”low-calorie.\”

  • 1.5M miles later: 85-year-old still delivering milk

    At 85, Eugene \’Smitty\’ Smith still drives an 18-
    wheel tractor-trailer truck, picking up milk
    area farms and delivering to creameries for
    Co. in Frederick.