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    WASHINGTON — “Call me Tigger! That is the nickname I gave myself.” Can I offer religious advice to my co-workers? Is my wife cheating on me? Human resource managers say these are some of the…

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    Part-time prospects “We’re only hiring part-time employees” might seem like a poverty pronouncement to some. But jobs that allow you to work less than 34 hours a week (the definition of part-time employment, according to…

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    These positions pay well and are in demand. Whether we’re making it, spending it, saving it or in lack of it, we think about money a lot. As a result, money spurs why we work…

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    An industry dedicated to quality care Demand for support staff for top-tier professionals, home health care needs for aging Americans and affordable quality care are driving employment increases throughout the health care industry. That growing…

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    You know that satisfying feeling … … of working 7.5 hours before returning home, taking your time making dinner and spending the rest of your night thinking about things unrelated to your job? If you…

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    Those looking for a new job in the new year might want to try a few specific industries that consistently have the most openings.

  • Arlington Will No Longer Ask Job Applicants About Criminal Record

    Arlington County will no longer ask many job applicants about their criminal record prior to an interview.

  • 6 ways to hunt for headhunters

    Help recruiters help you.

  • Hansen Turbine to expand Va. manufacturing plant

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A manufacturer of coating spray applications for the aircraft and turbine parts coating industry is planning to invest $2.5 million to expand its operations in Grayson County. Gov. Terry McAuliffe said…

  • Gov. creates new workforce initiative

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Gov. Terry McAuliffe is creating a new workforce development initiative with a focus on helping military veterans find jobs. McAuliffe signed an executive order Wednesday creating the new initiative, which will…

  • Southwest Va. coal mine closing, 120 to lose jobs

    HAYSI, Va. (AP) — More than 120 people are being laid off at an Alpha Natural Resources mine in southwest Virginia. The coal company said Thursday the layoffs will occur as the mine near Haysi…

  • What are the best and worst entry-level jobs?

    As a new wave of college graduates enters the job market, WalletHub compiled
    a list of the best and worst entry-level jobs based on information, such as
    starting salaries, industry growth rate, number of job openings and education