• EPA: Carbon emission rules could grow investments

    BROCK VERGAKIS Associated Press NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — The head of the Environmental Protection Agency said Wednesday that new rules to curb carbon emissions could help grow communities’ economies by investing in technologies that work for them. The Obama administration unveiled a plan this week to force a 30 percent cut in carbon dioxide emissions…

  • EPA worker watches hours of porn while on the job

    Members of Congress say they\’re frustrated by a report that an Environmental Protection Agency employee was watching up to six hours of porn every day and hasn\’t been fired.

  • What is in the Potomac River’s water?

    The Potomac River\’s drinking water is safe, but chemicals in the river are raising concerns among water quality experts.

  • Flea collars toxic for pet owners

    Pet owners might feel at ease, putting a flea
    and tick collar on their beloved pet, but they
    could be doing more harm than good to

  • Cost of air conditioner refrigerant skyrockets

    Be forewarned: If your air conditioner develops a
    leak, it could be more costly this summer. The
    cost of coolant has jumped dramatically.

  • D.C. No. 2 on EPA green building list

    D.C. ranks No. 2, behind Los Angeles, on the Environmental Protection Agency\’s annual list of the 25 cities with the most Energy Star-certified buildings.