• D.C. parking ticket executive announces resignation

    WASHINGTON — D.C.’s top parking ticket executive is resigning. Bill Howland, Director of the Department of Public Works, is leaving his job after 11 years, he announced Thursday. Over the last two years, he has…

  • DC announces March hazardous waste disposal collection

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The D.C. Department of Public Works has announced dates for its monthly household hazardous waste disposal. Residents can bring waste, including cooking oil, pesticides, pet flea control and cleaning fluids, to the…

  • Can you park at a broken parking meter?

    If you find a great parking space in front of a broken parking meter, can you park there? The answer is complicated.

  • Report: Ticketed drivers ‘guilty until proven innocent’ in D.C.

    A new report from the D.C. Inspector General finds that when drivers get a speed camera or parking ticket in the District of Columbia, they\’re presumed guilty until they can prove themselves innocent.

  • Ticketbuster: How many bogus parking tickets can one person get?

    Walter Edwards spent 10 months in 2013 fighting red tape to get a ticket in the District of Columbia thrown out, only to open his mailbox to find a second bogus ticket assigned to him.

  • Woman: Erroneous D.C. ticket came on day of Md. funeral, hospital visit

    A Maryland woman who received a parking ticket in Northwest D.C. on the same day she went to both a funeral in Mitchellville and the emergency room in Columbia says she was the victim of an erroneous ticket and won\’t drive in D.C. anymore.

  • D.C. man: Custom plates cost $20K in tickets

    \”I\’ve got enough tickets here to plaster my whole car.\” White tells NBC 4\’s I-Team reporter Tisha Thompson, who was first to report on White\’s dilemma.