• Creative cooking made elementary with (Chef) Watson

    He’s never tasted food — in fact, he has no taste buds — but this “chef” is creating some of the tastiest, most innovative recipes in the world. And he’s teaching others to do the same.

  • Give your veggies a nutritional boost with a little heat

    WASHINGTON — You might be under the impression that raw vegetables are best for your health, but cooking some veggies boosts what they can do for you.   Cooked white mushrooms have about twice the potassium, niacin, zinc and…

  • Brock’s ‘Heritage’ is a soulful holiday gift for food lovers

    If you have a food lover on your holiday gift list, chances are you\’ve encountered endless options among cookbooks. But this year, a few stand out — including Sean Brock\’s \”Heritage.\”

  • Flavor your food without adding fat, salt, sugar

    There are plenty of ways to maximize flavor without sacrificing the nutrition content of your food. Here are some tips from a local dietitian.

  • Hungry for luxury? Recreate the state dinner at home

    Even though the White House state dinner focused on the French, the cuisine was American. Here\’s how to recreate the dinner at home.

  • Ancient grains pack a healthy punch in everyday foods

    Imagine a chocolate-chip cookie packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Or a pizza loaded with something more than cheese — such as ingredients that fight chronic disease.

  • Not just for drinking: Cooking with craft beer

    If you thought craft beer was just for drinking, John Holl is out to prove you wrong.

  • Foodie Dice: It’s time to take a gamble on dinner

    Foodie Dice is just what it sounds like: A set of nine dice that come engraved with different foods in the categories of meats, grains/carbohydrates, herbs, seasonal vegetables, bonus ingredients and cooking methods.

  • Cookology expands to offer catering

    Cookology owner and founder Maria Kopsidas is expanding the
    company to provide catering.

  • Barefoot Contessa to headline new Metro Cooking Show event

    Celebrity chef Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa herself, will
    kick off a new series of conversation events from the Metropolitan
    Cooking Show in March.

  • Public health experts: ‘Don’t Wash Your Chicken!’

    Plenty of recipes from well-known chefs, including Julia Child, herself, call for a chicken to be washed and patted dry before preparation. But one public health campaign is warning against this method.

  • Deconstructing Indian cooking

    Thirty-one years ago, Raghavan Iyer moved from Mumbai to Minneapolis. Recreating the tastes of India in the kitchen is one way Iyer planned to make his home, 8,000-miles away, feel closer. But he quickly realized his biggest limitation in this quest: American grocery stores.

  • Is cancer on the grill this weekend?

    Not to rain on your parade, but a danger may be lurking in your outdoor plans for the weekend.

  • A personal trainer’s top 7 superfoods

    Exercise, alone, is not enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What we put into
    our bodies has a direct effect on how we look and feel. One local personal trainer offers his favorite superfood.

  • Preserving seasonal food and culinary techniques

    Put away the liquid nitrogen. When it comes to food, more traditional techniques are taking the spotlight. Chefs, home cooks and diners are returning to dried or cured meats, house-infused beverages and handmade treats over modern approaches. And one technique that has gained traction in the culinary and home kitchen arena is canning and preserving.