• DC police to start wearing body cameras

    WASHINGTON (AP) — More than 160 District of Columbia police officers will wear cameras that record them performing their duties as part of a six-month pilot program. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said Wednesday that she believes the camera program will enhance safety for officers and the public as well as cutting down on the time…

  • DC police watchdog: officers should wear cameras

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The District of Columbia’s police accountability agency agrees with Chief Cathy Lanier’s proposal that officers wear cameras while on duty to record their interactions with citizens. Lanier said earlier this year that the department planned to start using the cameras to “establish a record of police conduct.” On Thursday, the Office of…

  • Nearly 100 D.C. traffic cameras to start ticketing

    For the last month, drivers were getting warnings, but starting on Monday the nearly 100 newly installed traffic cameras around the District will start issuing tickets.

  • New cameras to consider this holiday season

    WTOP\’s Tech Guy Gregg Stebben recommends looking at the following cameras this holiday.

  • Cameras: MSHA’s essential winter prep item (Photos)

    Extra blankets, snow boots and a shovel are common items for winter prep. But cameras?

  • More eyes on the street: D.C. adds 130 enforcement cameras

    A new breed of enforcement camera is coming online in D.C. this weekend. More than 130 new cameras will target more than speeding but cross walks, intersection blockers and even commercial vehicle violations.

  • Google, Apple maps to deploy enhanced aerial cameras

    Many put satellite mapping to good use, but
    there\’s new technology that\’s prompting critics to
    warn about snooping.

  • Md. county adding cameras to school buses

    Montgomery County has voted to install school bus cameras that will automatically ticket drivers who violate the law.