• Reports: Joss Whedon quits Twitter over ‘Ultron’ criticism

    WASHINGTON — Over the weekend, Joss Whedon’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” brought in more than $190 million, the second-biggest opening weekend ever. But some of the criticism of the film has evidently led the director…

  • Jeremy Renner touts Hawkeye’s achievements in song (Video)

    WASHINGTON — Hawkeye of “The Avengers” is more than an archer, and the actor who plays him took to song to tell about the superhero’s lesser-known powers. On Tuesday night’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy…

  • Avenged: ‘Iron Man 3′ may be Marvel’s best

    Bust out the popcorn. WTOP Film Critic Jason Fraley had a blast at \”Iron Man 3.\”