• Allergy and asthma sufferers seek relief at Md.’s first salt cave

    Nutritionists may encourage limited amounts of salt, but some allergy sufferers can\’t get enough of it at a local salt cave.

  • Asthmatic invents system for predicting, preventing attacks

    Matthew Fischer has had asthma all his life, but it wasn’t until helping a friend who was diagnosed with the respiratory disease in her 50s that the career entrepreneur had the idea to help asthmatics everywhere.

  • New answers on the cause of asthma

    Pollen counts are through the roof, and for a lot of us, allergy season is in full bloom. But if someone is wheezing instead of sneezing, it could be something else.

  • Study links fast food and childhood asthma

    Fast food has been tied to many illnesses and health problems like weight gain and diabetes.

    But now a new study says the drive-thru eats are connected to asthma in kids.