• As summer ends, airfares drop

    WASHINGTON — Sure, Labor Day weekend traditionally marks the end of summer merriment. But if the travel itch hasn’t been scratched, there is reason to leave the suitcase out. For the first time in a long…

  • Now is the best time for cheap airfare

    WASHINGTON — Sure, we’re not quite one month into the new year, but some may already be thinking about vacation. The typical summer getaway is still six months off. But price-wise, there’s no better time…

  • Tips to avoid paying fees when you fly

    A fee for this and a fee for that and suddenly your discount airline ticket doesn\’t look like much of a bargain. Here are tips to avoid paying any more than you have to pay.

  • Tips for an easier, less expensive vacation

    Here are a few tips to take a bit of the hassle out of getting to your vacation destination and how to avoid some unnecessary expenses along the way.

  • When to get the best vacation travel deals

    With the start of spring, travelers may be
    planning their summer getaways. Find out when to
    get the best prices on flights.

  • Travelers face high flying airfares for Thanksgiving

    Some of the busiest travel days of the year
    surround the Thanksgiving holiday. And passengers
    still looking to purchase plane tickets will
    find full flights and high prices.

  • Fall will bring a drop in airfares

    The end of summer\’s peak airline prices is at
    hand. By next month, the celebrated back-to-
    season will bring a drop in airfares.