• George Washington University drops SAT/ACT requirement

    WASHINGTON — It’s one of the most agonizing parts of high school — preparing for and taking the SAT and ACT. The standardized tests have long been a requirement for college applications, but now a D.C.…

  • Missing SATs never made delivery truck

    WASHINGTON – Hundreds of missing SATs never got close to arriving at the College Board, according to UPS records. Earlier this month, about 300 high school students took the exam at Broad Run High School…

  • Va. students improve, beat national average on ACT

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia students continue to improve and exceed the national average on the ACT college admissions exam. The Virginia Department of Education reports that Virginia students scored an average of 22.6 on…

  • T.C. Williams High School to offer free SAT prep courses

    Students at T.C. Williams High School will be able to get free SAT and ACT prep programs this spring.