• Millennials: How to Become a 401(k) Millionaire

    While some millennials are content to play “Money Tree” on their iPhones, others play for keeps. With discipline, patience and knowledge of how the real-life game works, nearly any member of Generation Y can reach…

  • 401(k) and IRA changes coming in 2015

    Investors will be able to contribute $500 more to a 401(k) or save in a myRA in 2015.

  • 10 mistakes you’re making in your 401(k)

    Maximize your retirement savings by avoiding these common pitfalls.

  • 5 401(k) gotchas to avoid

    Between employer contributions and the ability to defer income tax on your own contributions, 401(k) plans often help you come out ahead in retirement saving. However, high fees, expensive investments, poor plan design and a lack of company contributions can sometimes diminish these benefits.

  • Poll: Half of older workers delay retirement plans

    Stung by a recession that sapped investments and home values, but
    expressing widespread job satisfaction, older Americans appear to have accepted
    the reality of a retirement that comes later in life and no longer represents a
    complete exit from the workforce. Some 82 percent of working Americans over 50 say
    it is at least somewhat likely they will work for pay in retirement, according to
    a poll released Monday by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs

  • Alternatives to 401K savings

    Financial planners always tout the benefits of 401K savings plans. But under some circumstances, savers might be better off putting their money elsewhere.

  • Many Americans dip into retirement accounts early

    A 401(k) is meant to go untouched until a person
    retires, but more than a quarter of Americans use
    their retirement accounts to pay current

  • 401K balances spike despite economic recovery troubles

    The economic recovery may be slow, but 401K
    balances are at a 12-year high. The average
    account balance has jumped to nearly $76,000.