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  • Totenkatz
    9:23am - Wed Mar 27th, 2013
    The listeners speak out on Gay Marriage

    My sister is gay and I told her I don’t support gay marriage, never have and never will. However, I told her that if California approves gay marriage, again, I will be proud to walk her down the aisle. You see I can love and support my sister and still not support gay marriage. I don’t need to look at my kids to decide on this issue or even think about their views on the subject. Of course my kids are in there early 30s now and have their own lives to deal with. Core values are something that we develop over time but by the time you are in your 30s you have established your core values and after 50 they don’t change. If you change your core values then they really weren’t core values. So when you changed your stands on Gay Marriage you change a core value, this causes your family and friends and especially your kids to question what other core values you are willing to change. Politicians do this all the time and it’s funny to see how many Democrats and Republicans are now shifting on Gay Marriage; only because of politics and getting someone’s vote. This sickens me. You see having core values is a core value.

    Thank you,

    Craig Truskey
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