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  • Time B.
    9:54am - Thu Feb 14th, 2013
    My view
    As always, taxing us more seems to be a regular thing. How in the heell does our President and those knuckledraggers running this country expect us to survive if we are taxed all the time. As it is many of us can't even afford to support our family, we get taxed for everything. One third of my paycheck goes to taxes, Social Security, Medicare, I'd like to get a part time job to help supplement my income but I can't because we are tsxed even more. This country is going to heell, thanks to Obama and his socialist croonies. This country is turning in the direction of Russia, where the gov't higher ups have the life of luxury while the ones who pay to support this country are sucked dry.
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  • corts
    10:32am - Thu Feb 14th, 2013
    Increase income, decrease outgoings, sounds totally dumb to me ...
    People like to compare gov spending to a household budget, daft but there ya go. Anyway based on that premise, you have a huge debt so do you 1.cut your spending? You can only cut so much 'cos you still gotta eat and pay the bills, or 2. Get a second job? Hmmmm, increases your income but at the expense of your life as you'd probably have to work insane hours to keep up with your debt that is continuing to grow...OR do you do both? Get a job that doesn't add an extra 40 hours to your week AND reduce your spending so you are actually reducing your debt load....

    Sounds totally dumb to me Rand, totally dumb.
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