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  • jwappleby
    6:44pm - Fri Feb 15th, 2013
    Renam the Redskins
    The Redskins powwow

    I believe that the football team need not change their name. If the logo is changed from a Warrior to a potato, a Redskin potato.

    There is some validity to this thought, a lot of fans are, in fact, couch potatos. Young fans can be referred to as `Tater Tots. The cheer leading squad can use routines that support the team as they mash the opponent. They can be referred to as the fryers as they shred the other team. French (Freedom) Fries can be used as the team food (Buffalo has Hot Wings). When they win they can be referred to as a batata (a sweet potato). Though they could be misconstrued as members of the Nightshade family, though they may want to poison the opposition. As they prepare to enter the showers they can be called pealers. The dyehard fans can be called tubers wives and husbands called the Pickling Lime that preserved the game.

    I believe I have carried this to it's logical conclusion. The potato (e) is a staple of daily life – just ask any hamburger!
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