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  • b22030
    7:26pm - Thu Nov 08th, 2012
    White House Ball
    Chris, I certainly think you have a wonderful idea. I hope you sent it on to the President! This could start a tremendous tradition. Yes, Mr. President, help save some money and help others by eliminating those costly inauguration balls. I understand some are merely a thank you to those who worked the campaign. Remember, those people were volunteering to campaign, so you don't need a ball!
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  • VStarXV1100
    9:16am - Fri Nov 09th, 2012
    Excellent Suggestion

    I listen to your "Core Values" every evening on the way home from work. Always great! This one was an excellent suggestion. I sent the link to the President through an email correspondance, which I've never done before. With some luck maybe it will get read and not filtered out.

    Hagerstown, MD
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