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  • mdstreck
    7:41pm - Thu Feb 23rd, 2012
    Chickens are not noisy
    Hi Chris - You may have grown up in Iowa, but you obviously have never raised or been around chickens much. Roosters are noisy, and they do crow all hours of every day (but not when the sun is down). However, roosters are absolutely not needed to produce eggs. Most people keeping a few chickens in their backyards for eggs don't have roosters. The hens continue to lay eggs, sometimes daily, regardless of whether a rooster is present or not. 99% of the eggs you buy at the grocery store are also produced without a rooster and are infertile. The only reason you need a rooster is for chicks. Many municipalities allow hens, but not roosters, to be kept in a backyard setting for just this reason. While hens do cackle and make some other noises, the volume is minimal and MUCH less than that of any barking dog. Additionally, birds that are kept in clean conditions are neither messy or smelly. You should do more research before commenting on an issue that you don't know much about. I love being able to keep my backyard chickens (in Montgomery County, just 2 miles from a Metro station), and my family and coworkers appreciate knowing where their organic eggs come from - from free ranging birds raised in humane conditions.
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  • Liz in Alexandria
    8:24pm - Thu Feb 23rd, 2012
    chickens and roosters
    Chris, I love your commentaries and I almost always agree. But, tonight I heard you say roosters were necessary to produce eggs. Not true. There are fertilized eggs and non-fertilized eggs but a hen is going to lay eggs with or without a rooster.

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  • lgrove
    10:13pm - Thu Feb 23rd, 2012

    You might want to stick with Iowa Corn, chickens do not need Roosters to produce eggs.

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  • Lynnday01
    10:50pm - Thu Feb 23rd, 2012
    Wow apparently checking your facts before spouting off about a topic isn't a core value-
    All the reasons you came out against chickens were not true. I'd like to invite you over to meet my flock so you can see for yourself that they
    a) Don't Stink
    b) Are not loud
    c) Don't need a Rooster to produce eggs

    It would be much more professional if you looked into and researched your topic rather than basing your broadcast on what your remember from your childhood.
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  • pctutt
    9:14am - Fri Feb 24th, 2012
    Arlington egg project
    I enjoy listening to Chris Core's commentary and most often agree with his point of view. However his report on the Arlington egg project contained some false information along with his opinions.

    He stated that chickens are loud and they smell. He also stated a rooster, the loudest of chickens, is required for a hen to produce eggs.

    The fact is, a hen will lay unfertilized eggs, the kind we eat, without a rooster. The Arlington egg project is about raising backyard hens as part of an urban farming movement. We would like the ability to raise our own food.

    Chris, I like your commentary, but keeping credibility by checking your facts should be a core value.

    Pete Tuttle
    Arlington, VA
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