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  • David C
    4:25pm - Wed Feb 22nd, 2012
    Nice idea, but it can't work
    The idea of oil companies holding the line on gas prices sounds great on paper, but it can't work. When oil producing nations and the commodity market keeps on increasing the price of crude oil, the oil companies have to pass that on. They can't just pick an arbitrary "fair" price for gasoline and lose money on every gallon sold.

    The only way they could ever make such a strategy feasible (meaning not make the company go broke) would be to make it up the future, when crude oil prices drop, by not lowering their prices either. But if they did that, everybody would be screaming foul and demanding that they lower their prices and eliminate the insane profits - completely ignoring the fact that they are needed to make up for the insane losses during times of high crude oil prices.
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